About us

The Tax Advisory Office was founded in 1999 by Karina Kroll-Anisimowicz on the strength of  services involving keeping accounting records regulations, and the owner achieved qualifying certificate of the Minister of Finance no. ….. . After many years of running the business the Tax Adviser Office has obtained a group of reliable clients and experience which now brings profits. In 2006 Karina Kroll-Anisimowicz achieved a Tax Adviser title and was entered on the tax advisors list under the number 10456. In 2010 she founded a professional partnership with Katarzyną Kierzek-Koperską under the name Kroll-Koperska and Partners, Tax Advisory Office, Professional Partnership which assists clients who are looking for complicated advisory solutions.


Tax Adviser


Karina Kroll-Anisimowicz – Tax Adviser, no. at tax advisers list 10456, graduated from the University of Economics in Poznan. From 1999 connected with taxes. She runs her own Tax Advisory office and since 2010 is a partner in Kroll-Koperska and Partners, Tax Advisory Office in Poznan. She is a member of Wielkopolski Management of National House of Tax Advisers on a position of Secretary. She is fluent in English language.